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The word ADVANCE means to "move forward in a purposeful way." The purpose of Jessica Bryan Ministries is to "Advance the Kingdom" of Jesus Christ by reaching the lost and by challenging the found to a life of intentional living. In Luke 19, The Parable of the ten Minas, we see the command in verse 13 for the servants to put to work what has been placed in their hands. There was one mission given, and it was for the servants to “Advance the Kingdom” during the king’s absence. As I look at my own children, and as I’ve spent time ministering to both young people and adults alike, I am reminded of the time, talents, abilities and resources that God has placed in each of our hands. These gifts are not meant for our own personal gain but to promote and further the kingdom of God. Each one of us holds something in our hand, and  God is calling a generation to rise up and use what they hold to actively and passionately advance His kingdom.  I believe that the best days for the church are ahead as we continue to keep our focus on Jesus and the mission for which He has called us.


I humbly ask for your prayerfully consideration in having this ministry at your camp, retreat, church service or event. I would love the opportunity to partner with you! 

Jessica Bryan


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